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In Hinduism, the Tulsi plant, or Holy Basil, is deemed the most sacred of plants and is thought of as the physical manifestation of the goddess, Tulsi. In traditional Hindu homes, Tulsi is centrally planted inside courtyards. As Tulsi is considered to both spiritually protect and physically heal, one can easily understand the significance given to this remarkable herb.




    Holy Basil tea, also known as Tulsi, is possibly one of the most beneficial herbs available for human consumption.

    Health Benefits

    • Mythologized in Hindu culture
    • Known as an adaptogen
    • Contains phenolic acids

    Holy Basil is considered an adaptogen: “any of various natural substances used in herbal medicine to normalize and regulate the systems of the body.”  Adaptogens are a special category of healing plants; they are meant to help balance and restore the body. Though there are various popular adaptogens utilized in the growing field of alternative medicine, holy basil is a superpower, and often deployed by Ayurvedic practitioners to combat the damage accrued by living with the everyday stresses of life.

    What Does Holy Basil Tea Taste Like?

    If you imagine your  Basil Tea is going to taste like a cup of pesto, you would be wrong. Far from the savory Italian yumminess of a pasta sauce, our Holy Basil Tea spreads across your mouth like a slightly sweet, somewhat spicy surprise. Hints of clove, and a windswept pirouette through earthiness, we find the taste grounding, yet elevating. A truly well-rounded tea experience, we think you’ll agree one sip of this Tea will elevate the moment, and leave you wanting more.

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