COVID Molecular Test (Same Day Results)

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Confirm current COVID infection

Molecular tests, also known as nucleic acid amplification (NAAT), genetic, RNA, or PCR can identify the SARS CoV-2, and confirm present and active infection. PCR and NAAT tests offered by BodyK are EUA FDA approved.

If you are in need of molecular testing for traveling, please verify with your airline/country to see their requirements.



    Who is right for molecular testing?

    • Individuals presenting symptoms
    • Individuals with no symptoms, but with confirmed or possible exposure to COVID
    • Individuals that need COVID test results for traveling

    How is the test collected?

    This test is collected with a nasopharyngeal swab (Nose swab) 

    What is the difference between a molecular PCR and a molecular NAAT test?

    Both tests are molecular and considered diagnostic testing.  Therefore, they can confirm a current COVID infection.  The difference between each test is the equipment used to process the samples.

    Additional information

    Additional information


    Same Day Results (Drive Through) – $225.00, Same Day Results (Concierge) – $300.00