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BodyK is committed to providing the latest in COVID-19, Antibody, and Specialty Testing. The BodyK Method is our promise to provide our clients with an innovative, at-home, “we come to you” solution for rapid testing. Through our Concierge Service, our medical team will professionally and conveniently conduct these tests at your home or office.

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The BodyK Method

Not all COVID Tests are created equally and not all medical staff are trained the same. At BodyK we offer our commitment to the highest quality tests and testing staff.

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For all tests, we offer a concierge service from the comfort of your home or office by our medical professionals. Disclaimer: Tests are not intended to be a substitute for seeking professional medical advice or treatment.

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Based on your answers, we will let you know if you are at low, mid, or high risk of Coronavirus. Depending on your results we will guide you towards testing, telehealth, or resources to boost your immune system.

BodyK can help you assess your risk to COVID-19 based on your symptoms, travel history, and community contact. This assessment will provide you with an overall idea, but should not be used as a method to diagnose. Our assessment will advise you of your risk, and recommend appropriate tests to obtain a more definitive answer.

COVID-19 Antibody assessment offered by BodyK should not be used to diagnose or exclude acute infection and should not be used as the sole basis for treatment or decisions for the management of the condition.

Please be as accurate as possible responding to the assessment. This information is private and confidential. The Coronavirus Assessment is only available in English.

If you would like to strengthen your Immune System or for Viral Defense

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